I want to start with the following – before diving into the world of “Fashion Discovery” because Moda Operandi is, after all, the platform for Fashion Discovery – Moda Operandi is the only online platform that offers straight off the runway pre-ordering. This means that we as customers can make sure to actually get our hands on the most-wanted, most-coveted, and ultra-trendy pieces that everyone wants to wear next season. This is an extremely smart and exciting way to shop, but of course, you’ll need to be confident about what’s going to be “hot” next season, and above all, you’ll need to have the patience for it to arrive, because it’s not a next-day delivery situation. Your next season’s person will get to you, but only just before the new collections hit the stores…


The way to be ahead of the pack, and order next season’s best pieces, is through Moda Operandi’s many “Trunkshows”. These trunk shows arrive pretty much right after the new collections hit the runway, or when their new season lookbooks come out – this is usually for the brands who don’t show at fashion week.

On top of being able to pre-order the latest collections – something that clearly sets Moda Operandi apart from most other online retailers – is the incredible curation of designers, and buy. You will find pieces on Moda Operandi that other online retailers aren’t offering, and they will bring you the most promising and loved new and upcoming designers of the moment.

A good example of a designer I already knew and loved – and was able to pre-order straight off the runway – and a designer that I didn’t know existed, yet fell in love with right when I saw their new lookbook are Alessandra Rich and Michael Lo Sordo.

Alessandra Rich is a long time favorite of mine; the combination of classic designers, but with a little twist – naughty but nice – have always appealed to me, and she does amazing evening wear, as well as knits and accessories. Below a little selection of some if the best looks of her Spring-Summer 2020 collection.


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